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Unicorn Milk


TFA Strawberry 10%
TFA Cheesecake Graham Cracker 5%
TFA Sweet Cream 3%
TFA Bavarian Cream 3%
TFA Vanilla Custard 2%


Mixing & Steeping Instructions:

Steep for at least 2 weeks, but 3 is best.

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2 thoughts on “Unicorn Milk

  1. Hi

    no I only make 30ml batches at a time. so I’m not sure about 100mls.

    I have since found a better recipe if you want to try:


    CAP Sweet Strawberry 4.2%
    TFA Vanilla Bean Ice Cream 5%
    TFA Custard 5%
    TFA Graham Cracker 2%
    TFA Cup Cake 0.5% (optional)

  2. Good Day, I am very interested in trying this recipe.
    Do you mix these percentages into a 100ml & if so, do you not find the flavor too intense?

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